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 WoW Arena Turneringer

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IndlægEmne: WoW Arena Turneringer   Lør feb 21, 2009 12:53 am

Hej. Jeg tænkte på om vi måske skulle tilmelde vores WoW Arena Pro team til nogle a's Turneringer. Den næste turnering er her den 21 feb (kan vi måske ikke med så kort varsel) og har ingen ide om hvornår den næste er.

Der bliver spillet 2.18.

Her er indlægget fra

Garena tournament!

What: Depends on how many teams registered. Less then 4 teams is Round Robin. Less then 8 teams is Double Elimination. More than 8 teams is Single Elimination.
Where: Channel North America WoW Arena Room 01! (And Channel Clan RMP on Europe.Battle.Net. Explained longer down)
When: Saturday, February 21th at 8am Pacific (GMT-8 ), 11 am Eastern
Map: WoW Arena Allstars 2.18

Tournament style:

Since we've implented Garena, we have chooced the tournaments to take place on Garena. But since some people has experienced trouble on Garena by joining the games, not being able to open Garena etc. I have taken that decision to allow teams who CANT open garena, to join the tournament trough LC and hamachi. If you cant host trough LC or hamachi, I will have my hostbots open, and ready to use on Clan RMP on Europe.Battle.Net. Ask me if you want to use my hostbots, and I will host the game for you.

Regarding registering for teams, I (The_Black_Mark) will be in Channel North America WoW Arena Room 01 (Account: The_Black_Mark) and Clan RMP on Europe.Battle.Net (Account: Clan-RMP), waiting for pm's for players to register them and their team to the tournament. The bracket will be closed at about 8:10 (pst) and will be posted at 8:15 (pst) in THIS thread.


Match Rules

This Tournament is 3v3. All classes and combos are allowed. Tournament mode (-tm) must be enabled by the host at the start of the game. No other modes are allowed. The winning team is the first team to win 8 rounds. Save your game every 3 rounds or 10 minutes, whichever is quicker in the case of a disconnect. If you play past round 4 without a save and someone disconnects, the team that disconnects forfeits the match and the other team is the winner.

Tournament Mode

Tournament mode will be enabled at the start of the game by the host. This mode does several things.
1. League mode is automatically enabled.
2. The game ends completely once 8 rounds is up.
3. Before round 6 and 11, you are allowed to change classes.
4. During the first repick round, there will not be pausing here unless both teams agree. Discuss your lineups in advance as well as items. Keep in mind though, when you repick you do not have to spend all of your gold, it might be wise to see what comp you're up against so you don't end up wasting your money.

Grounds for Disqualification

Using the -random command to pick a hero
Illegal item pooling (will be defined further down)
Using any 3rd party programs (maphack)
Leaving Garena without letting me know
Not being able to join games trough either Garena or Battle.Net

Item Pooling

-You may not share or drop ANY item while in the arena.
-No one else may sell an item but the true owner who paid for it.
-You cannot share any item that can boost damage.
-You cannot share any item that will combine (such as purchasing a recipe for another player)
-Defensive items that add nothing to damage potential may be shared (such as the Battle Standards).
-Any violation of these rules is grounds for a DQ, so be careful please. If you suspect there was illegal pooling done, you must provide a replay for it.

For determining who gets host, host will be from Europe unless they can't provide a suitable host (Garena host), and then it will go to Europe (Garena doesn't have much lag so this shouldn't be that significant of a problem). About hostbots, LC or hamachi hosting read longer down. In the case of realm vs realm, settle it with a coin flip. Command for coin flip is .flip on the bot. If all players can not join via Garena then the host should tunnel/remake until fixed. If there is an extreme issue, players will host on battlenet with listchecker or hamachi, and inform The_Balck_Mark . If the conflict continues, and none of the players have working Garena, there will be used hostbots.

The Ranking Ladder

Some of you may know about this, but it is a new system we are trying out to use for tournaments. This system can be found in the wall of champions post. Basically this system simplifies the bracket process and ensures that the placings are as accurate as possible and that the best teams make it into the finals. You get 1 point for making it into the bracket, and for each round after that you advance to, you earn another point for your score. Winning the tournament adds an additional point. Then for the next tournament, the 3 players on your team have their total points added together and that determines their seed. High seed teams will play the low seed teams first so in theory the top seeds should end up facing each other in the finals.


There are a couple different ways to register for the tournament. First for confirmed attendance, make a posting in this topic stating clearly that you will be able to make the tournament. If you have a confirmed team that you are certain will make it, post it here and I will add you to the bracket. For this I need both a team name and the three players that will be on that team.

If you would like to register the day of, be sure to show up a bit early and whisper ME, The_Black_Mark (On Garena) or Clan-RMP (on Clan RMP, Whisper me both your team name and the players who are on your team.
[Example: "Junior Mafia": Twist, TG-Cid, PewZ" Without both pieces of information I WILL NOT add you to the bracket, and if you miss the start time cause you were afk you will not be added in after the start of the tournament.

Extra Stuff

I encourage everyone to come out and play for this, even those who do not have a prearranged team. There will be lots of players around and if you don't have a teammate you can make some on the spot. Please save and post your replays once the tournament is over.


If your entire match leaves Garena then please PM me (The_Black_Mark) to let me know where you are and how we can contact you. If we can't find your team, you might get end up getting Disqualified for the sake of moving the bracket forward.

Revealing a team's setup after playing against them is not only extremely poor sportsmanship, but also unfair. Do not talk about the setups you've played against until the tournament is over, or you risk being kicked out of the tournament and possibly even banned from playing in them in the future. Please just be kind to your opponents, if they beat you do not ruin it for them by spoiling their setup.

Thanks to Dinos and Twist for making the tournament outline form.


Default Pre-Game Specifics:
*Each Tournament is 3v3.
*Teams cannot have more than one of each Hero
*Each player are not allowed to have control of more than one hero and the pet the specific hero got.
*Once a team reaches 8 rounds won, the game is considered finished and that team is the winner.
*Games are expected to start within 10 minutes of the bracket being announced. If any team cannot commit to their game within the first 10 minutes of a round they will be given a reasonable amount of time to get organized. Games must start within 30 minutes of the bracket announcement unless an emergency is called and the tournament organizer is notified. If the game does not begin within this time period then the unorganized team is disqualified. If both teams are unorganized, both are disqualified.
*Teams may sub in up to two different players listed on their (5 max player) roster.
*Teams can only sub in other players who aren't already on a team.
*If a team loses a member and cannot sub in another player they forfeit the tournament.
*Teams are allowed to pause the game if a member is forced AFK. However, the challenging Team is only expected to wait a reasonable amount of time for the AFK player to return, if the game is paused for greater than 10 Minutes, it is at the discretion of the challenging Team to resume play or not. The utmost of sportsmanship is expected from BOTH Teams concerning this matter.
*Players complaining of EXCESSIVE lag (>1.5 Seconds) will be granted a Re-host on a different server or by a different player, until the matter is resolved. If it cannot be resolved, then the lagging team has the option to either put up with it - or forfeit the match.
*Players complaining of slight lag (<1.5 Second) can request a Re-host, however, it's up to the discretion of the host. Please consider sportsmanship when being asked to Re-host.
*If a player disconnects from a game, his/her team is granted a remake, with the following conditions:
-Each player can only disconnect from a game once. If a player disconnects twice then the challenging team can either treat that as a forfeit and take the win, OR they can continue remaking (in the interests of fair play and sportsmanship) to try and get a full game. If they choose the later, then they don't get the free win, the match is decided how it is played.
-If a player disconnects from a game that hasn't been saved recently, and his/her team has less rounds won than their opponents - it is considered a forfeit by that team. This rule is made in the interest of finding resolution to a long match that suffers an unfortunate disconnect. If this happens in the very early stages of a game then this rule is void and players should follow the rule above.

Default In-Game Rules:
*No items can be passed between players DURING a round
*Items which add DEFENSIVE capabilities ONLY, may be passed to another player before the round starts. If the item would increase your auto-attack damage by adding Intelligence, Agility or Strength then it cannot be passed on.
*Abuse of ANY bug results in an instant disqualification by the abusing players Team. A replay must be provided.
*Players may not pool items. For example, you cannot pick up another players item, and use it as a requirement for a recipe you're going to make. This excludes upgrading the Horde Battle Standard to the Alliance Battle Standard.
*-tm (Tournament Mode) Must be active

Default Post-Game rules:
*No one may mention, discuss, whisper, hint at, or generally inform anyone of another teams line-up. This is extremely bad form and will result in a warning or disqualification.

Thanks to SB for the official tournament ruleset.

- If you dont have garena, remind to post your account name too!

Alt fundet her:

Har undladt navne af hensyn til privatlivets fred xD Det fylder også

P.S. Har ingen ide om hvad det der Garena er for noget. Vis der er en eller anden der lige kan forklare det vil jeg meget gerne havde et reply her eller en PM
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IndlægEmne: WoW Arena Tournaments   Søn feb 22, 2009 3:30 pm

Garena er et program, der gør du kan spille "LAN" over WC3. Faktisk et meget simpelt, men samtidig meget effektivt program.
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WoW Arena Turneringer
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