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 WoW Arena Turnement - May

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IndlægEmne: WoW Arena Turnement - May   Søn maj 10, 2009 1:40 pm

Hey hey. The Crotalus is back :-)
Og til at starte med vil jeg gerne invitere os til WoW Arena Turnement her den 16. maj.
Til det skal jeg bruge 2 spillere der er gode til WoW Arena.
Her er threat fra

Dinos skrev:
Garena 3v3 Tournament



  • 21 Days Premium Membership
  • 3,000 EXP


  • 15 Days Premium Membership
  • 2,000 EXP

What: 3v3 Tournament Double Elimination
Where: Garena North America Wow Arena Room 01
Date: Saturday, May 16th
Time: 7am Pacific, 10am Eastern, 3pm UK Time, 4pm Denmark, 5pm Greece, 2am NZ.
Map: WoW Arena 2.19d

Match Rules

This Tournament is 3v3. This Tournament is Double Elimination. All classes and combos are allowed. Tournament mode (-tm) must be enabled by the host at the start of the game. No other modes are allowed. The winning team is the first team to win 8 rounds. Save your game every 3 rounds or 10 minutes, whichever is quicker in the case of a disconnect. If you play past round 4 without a save and someone disconnects, the team that disconnects forfeits the match and the other team is the winner.

Tournament Mode

Tournament mode will be enabled at the start of the game by the host. This mode does several things.
1. League mode is automatically enabled.
2. The game ends completely once 8 rounds is up.
3. Before round 6 and 11, you are allowed to change classes.
4. If classes were banned at the beginning, this ban remains through the entire game.

Grounds for Disqualification

Using the -random command to pick a hero
Illegal item pooling (will be defined further down)
Using any 3rd party programs (maphack)
Leaving Garena without letting an admin know
Not being able to join games off of Garena
Watching a Shoutcast of a match you are playing in
Picking a banned hero as a repick
Stalling by teleporting/blinking your way out of an arena

Item Pooling

-You may not share or drop ANY item while in the arena.
-No one else may sell an item but the true owner who paid for it.
-You cannot share any item that can boost damage.
-You cannot share any item that will combine (such as purchasing a recipe for another player)
-Defensive items that add nothing to damage potential may be shared (such as the Battle Standards).
-Any violation of these rules is grounds for a DQ, so be careful please. If you suspect there was illegal pooling done, you must provide a replay for it.


To Register for this tournament I need your teamname and players on the team posted in this thread, and you will be added to the bracket. If you do not show up on time though, you may end up being disqualified so please be there a bit early if you can. I will delete your post once registration has been added to the bracket and this topic. I will also accept registrations the day of the tourney if you're playing without a set team, but I want to start as close to the time stated as possible so please get your registration in early!

Steaming Live

If you or someone else would like to stream the game, it must be approved by 5 of the 6 players that are in the game. If the vote is passed then the player must be allowed to stream. My one rule on this is that if a match is streamed, NO player that is in the match may be watching the stream. If there is any proof that you were, then you and your team are DQ'd.

Extra Stuff

I hope this is the biggest tournament that we've had so far. I haven't hosted in awhile so this should be a lot of fun. Come out and show your skills! Post your replays on the site in the replays forum as well please. One last thing, you are only allowed to own 1 of the mana regen trinkets (Owl or Warmth, not both). This is due to a bug with them not sharing a cooldown. If you get both at once then that is a DQ.

Please vote in the poll! Explain your vote to have a better chance of it being my final decision.


Decoy: Alexkarpen / AOUA / Straido
Mudkiepz: .RaiN. / FatKidsLaggIRL / [X]Bratze[X]
MxM: ReaLKiLL / DOntF2ckMybrain / STels / arbyz
WoWarZ - A: Arratak (C) / 10secb4sunrise / WoW_is_up_PP

Der vil være følgende krav:
Man har programmet Garena
Man har Ventrilo
Man har WoW Arena 2.19c

Vi skal som sagt bruge 3 spillere i alt. Jeg spillere self. med.
Vi skal også bruge et team navn. Vote i afstemning for team navn.

MvH TaCo]Crotalus
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WoW Arena Turnement - May
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